hi there :D

welcome to my blog the duck squad 😀

the leader of this squad is me aka sallo aka the duck

my amazing squad :

i sometimes sign my posts like this when im not lazy 


i post random stuff, fantage , rants, my life, random useless stuff etc……


welcome to the duck squad 😀

enjoy and thanks for viewing this blog 🙂


well hello….

I’m back

Do you actually remember me? I’m not sure my old followers are active anymore

I’ve missed you all very much tbh, it was a long hard year but i finally finished my school journey and graduated

I’m back I suppose , I won’t be as active as before but I’m back

I’m also back to fantage , im still a kid btw i have every right to play , I’m still 16 plus I don’t think I’ll ever move on from fantage

I haven’t logged in for year but I heard there are some changes and I hope it’s better now

I love you all and I really missed you

I’ll try to catch up on some certain things

I’ll definitely change my blog and the way it looks etc

look at how bad this post is I legit forgot how to write

anyways, have a nice day ❤


Ok, so I know this is EXTREMELY LATE BUT




I’ve been on hiatus for a while, and obviously, nobody has acknowleged (sorry for schpelling) this but SALLY HAS LEFT, AND OBVIOUSLY, nobody has taken over the blog, so, I may be leaving LFP and start just blogging on this blog from now on, because it has more followers, and honestly, LFP is just kind of… dead.



P.S. I just had 3 Dr. Peppers so excuse the hyperness, pls?

ILY guys!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.29.46 PM

-Momo- Chan

farewell my good friends…

yes i’m quitting , i didn’t post for a really long time as you noticed and it’s time to write this post…

i’m quitting both wordpress and fantage , and after i finish this school year ill giveaway my items and gold

i’m quitting because :

1- i’m a senior now , it’s my last year in school and i need to focus on my studies.

2-i have a really busy life now , i’m in a relationship and i have a social life apparently .

3-i can’t waste more money on fantage it’s not worth it anymore i have better things to spend my money on.

4-i know i had a dream of collecting everything in fantage but i can’t i missed too many years and i won’t keep wasting money

5-i’m addicted to tv series more than ever , and when i get free time i spend watching them.

6-i’m into twitter and i  communicate with people there.

7-there is the game called magic rush (its on android and apple) it’s too much fun especially that i joined the game from the start and saw all the great things in it , it doesn’t require wasting money and its addictive

8-i’ll go back to my social life once this year finishes

ill add everyone who commented on my wattpad post , i had some problems with wattpad and got them fixed

kik : abm_hp     (i dont use it as much but okay)

twitter : aya__337    (i speak arabic and english so you will see both there )


i have 222 followers and thanks for following and thanks for the people who were with me through this journey ❤

i love you all and i hate goodbyes …….

byeeeeeeeeee :’)

Quick post

Is puffin not working anymore?

I tried to open fantage but it didn’t work

Any other apps to open fantage ?

Sorry for not posting in ages but I’m traveling and busy 😁

happy eid!

happy eid for the people who celebrates it (i do) , i hope that you get a lot of money and eat tons of sweets

i really love eid tbh its the cutest thing ever especially with family

im travelling in the third day of eid so im going to miss a whole day 😦

anyway, have fun  😀

school report

my mum is bringing my report today and im pretty sure that i screwed up but oh well

today will be a quite terrible day i suppose

thank god i already bought all the stuff that i need, so it doent matter too much

account rental

i didnt know what to name this post tbh

next year i will be taking a break for the whole year , so i need someone to take care of my account, plus the month that im travelling , because my parents are taking my laptop and i cant log in or participate in events

it can be more than one person , like maybe someone can take care of her for 3 months then i give it to someone else

my account isnt perfect but its not bad , heres my inventory   i didnt continue the rest but i will

membership will be provided , gold too

just babysit her

thats my baby’s idphone


if you are interested continue this post

ill be logging in each Thursday and friday which are my free days (not during travelling though)

and i know every single item in my inventory , so you cant sell anything or use gold unless you tell me , ill buy limted items and get her stars

treat her like your own , and you have to log in everyday for daily attendance , if there is an event that levels her up , you have to do participate

if i find one item missing or one less gold or ecoin , you will regret the day you where born,

and yes im serious , i paid from my own hard earned money to get this far …..

and have fun ;p

i guess thats it?


some changes…

this blog will be a life blog and not fantage, i do like to play fantage but not post about it , maybe and OOTD once in a while or meeting new bloggers or something like that , but nothing more

so yeah…



have a good day/night

Eat Your Vegetables! 2016

Fantage Deets


Since Fantage obviously wanted to stress the importance of eating vegetables and being healthy, they created this unique (not really so unique) event- and it’s all about vegetables. For those of you out there that hate veggies and everything related, I suggest you stay away for this week.

But for those of  you who actually enjoy Fantage, I’m hosting another small giveaway at the end of this post. (No peeking!)

1 Event info

Basically, this event is kind of like the flower event from awhile ago: you buy the “game dresses” to collect each kind of vegetable. Once you get a couple outfits, you can simply switch your outfits by clicking the vegetables.


Limited Items

2 New limited items!

At first I thought all the items were for nons, and I was ever so excited. But then I tried buying an item on my non account- and I found out ALL…

View original post 393 more words


pixeh just told me i have 201 followers

i have no idea when or how did that happen


but howwww?


thank you guys for following me and being there for me ❤

i love you all ❤

have a nice day ❤